Waiting for Spring

25 mins, 2011

Renowned and outspoken Syrian poet Hala Mohammad explains how she thinks poetry is central to the political change underway in the Middle East, and especially to the fight against Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.

Her work is respected for tackling memory, fear, alienation and loneliness and they are feelings which pervade this moving meditation from a woman trapped in exile for medical reasons.

She may be living in Paris, the city of romance, but her stay is marked by despair and claustrophobia as she is forced to watch from afar the deepening crisis in her country.

But even with her faith in politics exhausted, Hala retains her belief in the power of poetry to inspire change.

Director –Yasmin Fedda / Producer -Roxana Vilk / Executive Producers – Flora Gregory (Al Jazeera), Noe Mendelle & Sonja Henrici (SDI Productions) / Editor – Adam Thomas / Camera – Ian Dodds / Music -Dan Gorman / Sound Design -Peter Vilk

Produced for Al Jazeera’s ‘Artscape: Poets of Protest’ series. First broadcast: Friday 7 September 2012, With SDI Productions