News / Screenings

There are intermittent updates of events and news here, but always worth a look!

March 16-24 2024
Premiere of The Pathogen of War at INTER:ACTIVE Exhibition, at CPH:DOX
Kunstahall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

February 2024
Preview Screening of How We Work
BLOC Cinema, Queen Mary University of London, UK

June 27 - July, 2023
Preview of The Pathogen of War, Shubbak Festival at Battersea Arts Centre

March 2022
Protoype of The Pathogen of War, at CPH:LAB Prototype Pop Up Party, CPH:DOX 2022
Exhibition Space Q, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 27, 2021
Commendation for Ayouni, RAI Film Prize

February 26, 2021
Release of Yasmin Fedda- An Ethnographic Eye collection on True Story.

This collection includes my films Ayouni, A Tale of Two Syrias, Queens of Syria, Breadmakers, A letter to my mother in the year 1980, In the year ninety

February 26, 2021
Publication of ‘Am I still a filmmaker? on Raising Films 

October 28, 2020
Publication of Filming the Invisible article on Newlines Magazine

October 27, 2020
Blink and You’ll Miss UsRelease of micro-film poems presented free and online October 27 at 8:30pm (ET) at Check out the event, along with tons of other free literary happenings over at Toronto International Festival of Authors

Wednesday 25 March, 2020
Ayouni World Premiere at CPH:Dox in the Fact: Award Competition, Copenhagen!

7:15 pm at Cinemateket Asta

Saturday 25 January, 2020, 7-9:30 pm
Queens of Syria screening and Q & A at Other Cinemas, Wembley, London

Saturday 9 November, 3 pm
Siamo Tornati screening at Mois du Doc, Brussles

Saturday 19 October, 2019, 8 pm
Queens of Syria (2013) screening at Trung tâm hỗ trợ phát triển tài năng Điện ảnh TPD, Hanoi

Wednesday 25 September, 2019, 8 pm
Queens of Syria (2013) is screeing at Leighton House Museum, London in the Cinema for Syria Series with Hands Up Foundation

Thursday 20 June, 2019
Breadmakers, from 2007, is screening at Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of Phenomenal Shorts!