Blink and You’ll Miss US

Blink and You’ll Miss Us is an original series of 21 micro-film poems, made into 4 film poems, by Afghan and Canadian filmmakers featuring bursts of exquisite poetry. These films are both an international conversation and a unique artistic collaboration. Poems by Aria Aber. Directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat & Baqir Tawakoli. Filmed in Kabul and Toronto from 1 to 15 October, 2020.

Each stanza of Aria Aber's 4 poems (as well as the previous micro-film in the sequence) were revealed to each filmmaker one at a time, back and forth. To encourage a spontaneous and visceral response to the material, filmmakers Shahrbanoo Sadat and Baqir Tawakoli were only given 18 hours to create their next film in response.

Commissioned in 2020 by Canadian Stageand Toronto International Festival of Authorsas part of the Elements of Story: Khaled Hosseini, exploring the bestselling novel A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat & Baqir Tawakoli.
Produced & edited by Yasmin Fedda for Golden Hour Productions
Original Score by Hailey Beavis
Executive Producer: Ryan Van Winkle